Wardrobe Makeover

Make your wardrobe work for you

De-cluttering - The Wardrobe Makeover takes place in the comfort of your own house. Starting with a mini style and shape consultation to define what suits you. I will go through every item in the wardrobe, taking out what is not worn, does not suit and is not liked!

Often we keep things in our wardrobe because we paid good money for the clothes and even though we never wear them, we feel too guilty to throw them out. I help clients to let these pieces go (often to good homes!), so that the rest of the wardrobe can be freed up to work for them.

Styling with your clothes - I will:

  • Teach you how to put your clothes together and accessorise them
  • Create new looks with what you already have so you will feel you have gone shopping without leaving the house and spending a penny!
  • Give you a mini style bible with rules to dress for your shape and colouring
  • Identify the gaps in your wardrobe
  • Create a shopping list to update your wardrobe
  • Rewarding couple of hours


€170 duration up to 4 hours.

“Before I met Delilah I had a wardrobe full of clothes but felt I had nothing to wear. I was stuck in a rut and needed help. Now I have lots of inter changeable outfits and enjoy wearing them and I go out socializing more often. Thanks Delilah!”

Maura, Galway. Read more from my happy clients.


Available nationwide. Wardrobe Makeover services are available in Galway and Dublin.  Travel expenses may apply.