7 tips to be successful at sale shopping

Tops tips to be successful at sale shopping:

  • Plan your shopping strategy – A well planned shopping trip will lead to a more successful experience. Make a list of your most desired items and decide on your budget. Try to stick to the plan as much as possible.
  • Make a wish list – This requires knowing your wardrobe inside out and finding out what you need the most and what you will get the most wear out off. These pieces are usually investment buys such as boots, bags, knitwear, denims or coats. Also, choose items that need to replace pieces from your wardrobe and that can be carried over into the next season.
  • Research first – Sales preview are a very good way to prepare for the sales. Subscribe on the shop’ customers mailing list to get the sales preview update. About an hour is plenty time for the shop sales preview.
  • Dress for it – ensure to wear comfortable garments and shoes. You will have less time and it will be busy. Unnecessary layers is not a  good dress choice. A dress, or jumper teamed with trousers and flats are good sales shopping outfits.
  • Start early – It is best to go sales shopping early to get a better clothes selection and your size. It will also help you avoid being rushed.
  • Ask yourself if you really like the item, not just the price. If the item works with your wardrobe, flatters your shape and is in good quality then it is worth buying it.
  • Invest in basics – If you want to get more than a few months’ wear out of your purchase, stick with the classics that you’ll wear for years, from Power dresses to cashmere sweaters, wool blazers to leather boots.

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