8 game changing-style resolutions to look and feel your best in 2015

Looking to change the way you shop and plan your wardrobe in the New Year?  Here is my round-up of potentially game-changing style resolutions that are realistic enough to achieve and will inspire you to take control of your wardrobe, shop smarter and feel empowered by it.

Know what works for you –  Understand what shapes, colours and elements of clothing work for you is crucial in shopping better and looking your best. Seek professional advice or research and try out various styles and analyse if they flatter you and enhance your shape.

Find your individual style – Knowing what suits you is one thing, but having an individual, informed sense of style requires a little more experimentation.  You can seek out inspirations from famous personalities or select several preferred looks from magazines, blogs or fashion publications and try on some combinations.  You will find out if you like it or if it suits your personality by trying it on. Getting the ball rolling in 2015 is a successful start.

Be more selective with your purchases – Be more selective when purchasing fast fashion items. Indulging yourself in new pieces each time you receive an invite or receive you have an opportunity can lead to a wardrobe full of clutter. It can be dangerous to your budget and create an dizzying cycle of consumption. Ask yourself what you need to buy and purchase items that are unique, work with your style and with your wardrobe.
Having  a wish list of dream items is a clever way to be more focus when shopping and to create a wardrobe that works. Aim at saving over a couple of months and invest in you dream items at strategic times such as sales or beginning of the season. It helps to know what you wish items loo. like: colour, style, …,   as it would be easier to find it.

Master your basics – In 2015 you should have built or replace with strong basics: black jeans, knits, coats, tee-shirts skirts,  shoes.  You basics should always match over forty percent of your wardrobe content.

Make what’s underneath your power pieces – In 2015 you should shop for your undergarments the same way you do with your clothes: with knowledge and focus. You will be amazed the difference it makes to your look.

Care for your clothes – Make it a point to organize your clothes properly. Invest in good hangers, drawers or rails, and see- through boxes or racks.
This also means to make an effort to wash your clothes at adequate temperatures, fold and protect your knits, polish your shoes and leathers. You should also store out – of – season clothes in appropriate storing places: dry, cool place,  separate from in – season clothes. It might sound hard work but if you take a minute or two every couple of days it will become part of your routine

Reinvent it – You should be able to wear at least eighty percent of your clothes. A well organised wardrobe can lead to this target. Star by going through your closet and have a little dress-up session. Decide what stays and what goes.
It is important to reinvent your hero piece: create new chic looks with it. For example, your blazer can be matched with your jeans and knit or with your day dress and boots, or cocktail dress and heels.

Step out your comfort zone – No need to go to extreme measures but why not looking at trying new things: new colours, accessories, prints or new trends. Bear in mind that it must flatter you best.

Delilah  X

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