Off-duty summer style

Achieving effortless stylish off-duty looks can be a daunting task. By getting your key pieces right, is half the battle.

Among your musts-have pieces are jeans, in various styles and colours, simple T-shirts or tops, shirts, a lightweight jacket, flats, summer skirt, and clever accessories.

A pair of white jeans is an elegant look when paired with a neutral hued oversized top and a jacket. If white jeans do not flatter your shape, create the look with a straight white skirt or light coloured denim jeans.

The great thing about off-duty looks is that you can leave the heels in your wardrobe, and swap them for stylish flats, including sneakers, summer boots, ballet pumps, or sandals. The art of mastering off-duty chic resides in your accessories.

A simple white T-shirt worn with aviator sunglasses and hat can go a long way. Other accessories include a silk scarf and a tote bag.

Another key element to the low-high casual look is shorts. In denim, neutrals, or bright colours, pair with a printed long sleeved top or shirt, sneakers or sandals.

Wear shorts only if they flatter your legs; if shorts are not for you, Capri pants or slim leg trousers are an equally chic option.

The last key item for the off-duty look is the skirt, be it A-line, tulip shaped, or straight, in block colour, prints, or solid neutral gazing the waistband or tucked inside your skirt. The A-line fifties-inspired skirt has had a stylish modern makeover. In light to heavier textures and modern prints, paired with a fitted top and a pair light pumps.

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