Finding the perfect hat for te Galway races

With just three weeks to go to the Galway Races we can expect a fashion feast for the eyes with superb headwear creations and stylish outfits throughout the racing festival.

Racing is always an opportunity to wear a headpiece and Galway has some of the most established and upcoming talented milliners that have us spoiled for choice, from Mary White, Mark Burke, and Michael Mullins to Catriona King and Fiona Mangan, to name a few.

Hats and headpieces are the finishing touches to an outfit, adding a statement and complementing the ensemble. There is a hat to suit everyone. It is always worth trying different styles to find out which suits you best. This year we can expect stunning pieces. There are a lot of pillboxes, as well as styles with angular shapes and interesting embellishments such as flowers, beading, pearls, swirls, wires, and interesting textures and colours, from classic neutrals to colour clashing.

When deciding on your hat, always consider the size. Small bases, discs, or pillboxes are better on smaller women, whereas wider bases or hats/brim will suit taller women. If you have a rounded face, angular styles will suit you best. For angular faces, rounded shapes are better. Position the hat is such a way that it will create more length (for petite women) or  omplement your height (for taller women). A well positioned hat will help you to carry it with confidence. Depending on the hat style, wear it sideways or to the centre. You can always get some style ideas on milliners’ websites as they display their collections. I am often asked how to put together a hat with the rest of the outfit. It is all about complementing the look. The hat should suit your face and outfit and add extra edge. The simple guideline to follow is: if your dress is plain go for a more daring hat, or plainer hat with similar hues but interesting textures. If you are going for a printed dress then go a plainer style on the base of the hat, with complementary embellishments.

Monochrome, floral, colour blocking, and colour clash are going to be popular style choices. Whatever style of dress you are going for, you should never dress in onecolour head-to-toe. Instead, opt for two toned combinations such as cream and baby pink, grey and blue, taupe and coral, or navy and pink. Another option is to go for different shades of the same colours. If you decide to colour clash, for example lemon and green, coral and red, purple and yellow, make sure to have one main colour and one accent colour. The second colour would work better as part of your hat, bag, or shoes.


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  1. Eilís Ní Dhúill says:

    Great article Delilah. Very informative and easy to follow advice.

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