How to do sport luxe chic

Perhaps it is because I am a sporty girl, but sport luxe is my favourite style trend

of the summer. You can look chic and well put together without trying too hard. Silhouettes are

relaxed and strong for a low-high look that everyone can master with some well cut

pieces. Score major style points with sport chic staples.

Every woman should own a sweatshirt. A simple sweater, but in luxurious texture and well cut fit, can transform any of your looks. The easiest way to do sport luxe is to pair it with blue washed denim, low heels, and a crisp white shirt underneath. Then we have practical flats. From lace-up

sneakers to colourful slip-on to flat sandals, flats are sexy, practical, and cool.

New Balance has come up with an array of stylish colour combos to complement any outfit.

Agreat way to wear flats is paired with slim trousers, a T-shirt, and blazer, but I also love them with a skirt and a light jumper. Make sure that you have a mix of loose pieces with more structured items. Your flats sandals will look cool with sweater, a flared skirt, and a bejewelled neckpiece.

The bomber jacket has received a luxe makeover for summer and this is a key piece for your off duty

look. The bomber jacket comes in colour blocking, prints design, or luxurious metallic. Wear it with

girlfriend jeans (slightly looser than skinnies) and low heels. For an unusual look, pair it with loose pants or a pencil skirt. Finally, the luxe track pants, in soft material and high waisted, are best worn with a tailored jacket and simple top. Avoid too much width on the leg if you want to elongate your silhouette.


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