Hats on for the Galway races

As we are only few weeks away from the Galway Races, it’s the time again time to embrace the act of wearing hats and choose the one that will flatter you best. Choosing your hat is one of the best parts of dressing up for the races. Whether it is for summer events or race meetings it is important to have a hat that compliment your outfit and suits your face shape. To best choose your hat, start by determining your face shape, and then decide the style of hat that suits you best. The colour must flatter your skin tone and coordinate the overall outfit.  These are simple guidelines to follow.

Round faces will suit asymmetrical styles with high crown. But your height and weight should also be taken into account to choose that style of hat.  This exquisite red headpiece piece by Galway designer Mary White is a great choice and is ideal for taller women that need to balance. Team it with an outfit of a neutral colour such as stone, and go for the same hue of accessories as the hat.

Sharp clean styles will flatter a long face. Square Pillbox or even disc styles with interesting details and embellishments, such as flowers, beads will help balance your features. Wear the headpiece forward but avoid covering the eyebrow.

Oval and heart face shapes can wear almost all style of hats depending of your frame. Try a pillbox style with net details for a vintage feel.
A wider brim is also an excellent choice for oval face.

As to wear your hat with the correct outfit, think about balancing the overall look. Dramatic hats are best with more demure styles outfits. Classic headpieces in more tonal shades can be worn with out of the ordinary garments. Make sure to bring the outfit with you when buying your hat and always wear earrings. A well positioned hat will help you caring it in confidence during a day at the races. Most hats look best when you put them on from the front of forehead to make sure as much of your face is visible then tilt them sideways or on the center depending on the style.

Mary White Millinery

Fiona Mangan Millinery

The Galway hat shop

Edel Ramberg

Monochrone and pink detail hat by Mary White design

Delilah Xx

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