Your Style Resolutions for 2013

From rethinking your wardrobe to defining your individual style, Let 2013 be the year you live in your best style!

Resolution 1: Commit yourself to an organized wardrobe

How many times have you opened your wardrobe to hear yourself saying, “I have nothing to wear”. Partly because you can’t see what you have or because you aren’t sure what goes with what. In 2013 make space in your wardrobe and let go with the clothes that don’t make you feel good. Fill your closet with clothes that you wear because they suit you and you know how to wear them. Plus, life will be so much easier and effortless! Liberating!

Resolution 2: Spend money wisely.

Reduce your impulse buys by purchasing clothes that you will wear for several occasions; that can be mixed and matched with at least three items from your existing wardrobe, and that can you can accessories in more than two different ways. This way you will avoid constantly spending money on new clothes; get more wear out of what to have and shop smart.

Resolution 3: Dress age appropriate

You don’t have to be stuck in a style rut when you are not sure how to dress age appropriate. The simple way to do it is to understand what suits you and to invest in well-cut classic garments in neutral colors that flatter you. Update these pieces using accessories such as on-trend scarves, bags, jewelry, to add interest to you look.

Resolution 4: Dare to wear emerald

It is the colour of 2013. Symbol of elegance, hope ad new beginning. Wearable, joyful, flattering and most of all it goes with an array of shades from wardrobe basics. You will love to wear it either in spring or autumn, for family dos or office duties. It suits most skin tones and hair colors: sexy on blondes, mysterious on brunettes, hauntingly beautiful on reds.

Resolution 5: Stop hiding yourself

I see it too often: Beautiful women that cover themselves under baggy and shapeless clothes in the hope to ‘camouflage’. But clothes that don’t fit right will make you look bigger that you are. In the new year look for structured clothes that fit you properly, flatter you and make you feel gorgeous.

Resolution 6: Master your basics

Basics are the quintessential of a classic wardrobe. They that avoid many fashion ‘faux pas’ and keep you stylish;  The white blouse, the leather jacket, the trench coat, the navy blazer, pumps, the little black dress or denim jeans.  Focus on finding and investing in good quality basics that suit you.

Resolution 7: Commit to wear good foundations underwear

A good bra will lead to better posture and slimmer looking silhouette. Get fitting at least once a year a wear appropriate undergarments at all time.

Resolution 8: Experiment with your personal style

Are you more classic, cool girl, bohemian chic or very natural or a bit of all of them?  Developing you one individual style can be a tricky one. Try not to look like someone else but you can get inspiration from someone’s style that you think could look very well. How to do it? Do not be afraid of trying new things but keep you basics right.

Yours in Style!

Delilah X

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