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The colour of elegance, black is feminine, sexy, and endlessly versatile, for all ages and occasions. Black has dominated the catwalks this year, coming in a multitude of silhouettes and fabrics. From the classic little black dress to work staples or more daring casual
wear, black is anything but safe — this is how black is worn this season. Often associated with work, black is certainly a favourite colour for office wear. Try a strong feminine look such as a pencil skirt and a peplum detailed top for a power dressing. A mix of subtle graphics and colour can give black even more substance. This black and grey tweed dress from Carraig Donn is a perfect choice for your nine-to-five wardrobe. Add coloured accessories to brighten up the look and avoid being too severe. Team it with a coloured scarf, neckpiece, or heels, or pair it with an overcoat in cobalt blue, black and cobalt being the colour combo of the season. Intriguing textures and patterns will make your off duty looks look interesting. Leather and black is one of autumn’s biggest stories and can be worn by day or by night. Try this very practical and stylish black cardigan from Ail Ruin Boutique, over a tunic dress, leggings, and boots and accentuate your waist with a leather obi belt. To wear black to suit your skin tone go for fabrics that have a softer shade of black such as sheer fabrics, lace, and chiffon, or add colour using your jewellery and other accessories. Bring some attitude to your evening wardrobe and go all black with a mix of interesting design: think studs, lace, sequins, and beads in feminine yet sexy styles. Pairing gold and black is a highly glamorous and edgy style choice for the evening. And don’t forget a sexy pair of high heels will glam up any outfit.

Ail Ruin Carinbridge


Outfit from Tesco; Boots from Premoli boutique


Carraig Donn

Sirona Boutique

Galway advertiser style counsel


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