Successful Sales Shopping

All those tantalizing bargains can lead to a wardrobe full of clothes that you will probably never wear . Before tackling your shopping trip read my top tips to make the most of the January sales.

Make a list: look in your wardrobe and make a list of items that you need. The shopping list will stop you from getting carried away and purchasing things you don’t need or won’t work with the rest of your wardrobe. Write down questions that will help you stay focus. Keep asking yourself: is it worth it? Do I love it?  is it value for money, how long will it last?

Go early: It is best to go sales shopping early to get a better clothes selection and your size and to avoid being rushed.

Stick to your budget : Decide on your budget   and stick to it to avoid buying clothes that you don’t need and to buy items that truly flatter you.

Stick to basics  :invest in timeless pieces, wellcut dresses, jackets, shoes and trousers. Try to look at the style rather that the fashion. You will  wear them seasons after seasons.

Mix and match: Remember the following rules. One item bought has to match at least with two items from your wardrobe. Make sure that pieces bought mix and match with the clothes from your wardrobe.


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