Wedding Hats

At last week’s royal wedding fabulous hats were very much making a big statement. Hats certainly add the final touch to a wedding outfit.

The pillbox: The gorgeous navy Philip Treacy pillbox with  embellishments that Victoria Beckham wore was very elegant and edgy, a great choice for a modern and chic look.

The turn up brimmed with embellishments such as the dramatic black brimmed hat that Zara Philips wore is also a great choice for the mother of the bride.

Asymmetrical headpieces: From playful shapes to floral details, these creations are perfect for jazzing up a plain outfit.

Tips to choose your hat:

  • Choose a style that suits the occasion and your personal style.
  • A wider brim is only suitable for tall people.
  • A good hat should look nice from all angles.
  • Match your hat to the ornateness of your clothing
  • Petite women should choose smaller hats and headpieces
  • Fuller figures you should go for for wide brims
  • Wide faces suit brimless off-the face styles, while square faces look good in rounded styles. More structured or square styles will suit round faces best. A narrow face needs a rounded full crown, such as a cloche.


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