Spring shoes style

Put your best foot foward this spring with stylish shoes. From clogs to wedges, flat brogues to chunky sandals; metallic, bold colours to elegant neutrals; raffia to woven heels; just what we need to step out in style.

Clogs: studded leather and wooden heels – the perfect number for your maxi dress.

Wedges: Bold colors, floral pattens, or simple neutrals. Ultra high to kitten heels, wedges are a wardrobe must-have. Theses sleek, simple wedges from Premoli boutique Galway are perfect with shorts and and oversized T-shirt.

Chunky sandals: If wedges aren’t your thing, you will love chunky sandals. Wear them with a pair of palazzo pants and a fitted sweater, for a seventies feel.

Flat: Brogues, sandals or ballet pumps – perfect with a pleated skirt or capri trousers.

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